Iwan Evans

Iwan grew up in North Wales where he graduated with a degree in Fine Art. He currently lives in Manchester, which has provided him with inspiration for much of his work. His fascination with the urban environment is heightened by its contrast with the natural landscape of his childhood.

Although his earlier work consists of mixed media, including photography, to create unusual, almost ethereal effects, he now paints predominantly in oils.

Iwan considers that several factors have had an impact on his individual style.

He has been influenced by film directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and strives to give a cinematic edge to his images. His paintings suggest there is a subtle narrative attached to them, which is somewhere between reality and a dreamlike state. As well as tension there is frequently a voyeuristic quality, which he attributes to his interest in the artist Edward Hopper. Finally, his own passion for heavy metal music can often be perceived in the dark brooding atmosphere he creates.