Dave Dutton

Dave Dutton is a self-trained photographer with a predominant interest in street photography. With a keen eye and a trigger finger, he immerses himself in what he calls, ‘The theatre of the street,’ finding fascination in the quirkiness of everyday life and the simple beauty of things that sometimes go unnoticed.

“There’s nothing more satisfying than grabbing that passing moment of life that could be lost forever and preserving it to be savoured again and again.”

His travels have taken him from Newfoundland to Russia, America and the Caribbean and most European countries. A former journalist, he is also a poet, an actor - with many appearances on television and the stage - and the author of 14 books.

“I would love people to get enjoyment from my photographs and see something different every time they look at them. If something makes them think or smile, it’s a job well done.”