Richard Diggle: Art Review

Richard Diggle: Art Review

As a collector of art one rule of thumb that I have is to allow a work to seize me as soon as I walk into a gallery. One occasion that that has happened was many years ago; on walking into an ‘avant garde’ exhibition I saw drawing of a remarkable sensitivity from across the room. A beacon.

Richard Diggle Art Studio

At that time I hadn’t heard the name Richard Diggle, but I made it my task to find the artist and see more of his work. Subsequently I bought several pieces of work, which are now a treasured part of my modest collection.

And when I say ‘drawing’ the piece of work that first caught my attention was an oil painting. Because drawing is the foundation of all art, whether that’s a painting, an etching, a photograph or an abstract expression. A true artist can draw just a single line with beauty, can capture light with a single brush stroke.

Richard Diggle Artist

Richard Diggle expresses his passion for making lines and capturing light by working prodigiously every day. His studio in Cheshire has rack upon rack of drawings and paintings, eclectic in every way. There is no Richard Diggle style or school of art. He captures what he sees in the way that the subject dictates. Pencil, paint, pastel, hard hitting and graphic through the complete spectrum to romantic.

Richard says, “The pictures are never just recording direct visual experience, but in a pictorial way telling stories.”

No more apt description could be made of this collection of Richard Diggle art, assembled not as a catalogue, but as a rich, varied and expressive collection of stories.

Richard Morris.


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