PS 150

PS 150

Now let’s make things clear. I have been castigated by my travelling companion Rebekah for the last blog about KL. ‘There was nothing positive' she told me. Well I disagree. I was merely pointing out the sensory nature of my first impressions. Well…maybe I did labour on the number and quality of museums. (But a museum of the telephone…?)

The streets buzz and teem with nightlife, which I love. Whilst during the day the buzz comes mainly from the immense amount of traffic travelling in or through Kuala Lumpur. But at KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre), home of twin Petronas Towers, the vista changes to skyscrapers, shopping malls and landscaped horizons. Now I prefer the grittyness of old Kuala Lumpur. That’s what I was trying to say in my last blog.

Discovery of the KL historical ‘Wet Market,’ which is basically a very scary, dark indoor labyrinth of fish and meat vendors. The Hindu temples, most of which are themselves now indoor markets welcoming visitors willing to buy souvenirs – or incense sticks. China town…the Indian market. There are lots of fascinating and historical areas.

Now it’s no secret that we are here to visit Rebekah’s sister Rachel. Rachel works for a Broadcasting Corporation from Britain……..and has spent most of this year living in KL. Rachel said that she would take us to a bar that very few people knew about. PS 150. A bar that, apparently, used to be a brothel. The entrance, décor and interior haven’t changed though. I picture in this blog the sisters at the entrance (albeit leaving late at night), of the street frontage which is heavily disguised as a tiny souvenir shop booth and has a cleverly disguised door on the back wall. The sisters in the pink lit corridor behind the disguised door and at the intro the sisters sitting at the bar at the end of the corridor.

What was I saying about sensory perceptions? No fancy interior design notions here, just raw change over from brothel to bar. The interior is shabby, stunning and dramatic. But I guess it has seen many dramas in a previous life. And, I have to say, the coolest bar I have ever visited. Yes it’s the secret entrance; you have to know – to be in the know – to find it and gain entrance. But quite simply the place is full of cool, interesting people, backed by the cool interesting sounds of jazz. I love KL.