Behind The Artist: Dave Dutton

Behind The Artist: Dave Dutton

Why do I do Street photography? Probably because I can't paint. I'm a terrible ‘drawer.’ My attempt to delineate a cat would have a six year old asking "What's that?!" Thing is, I'd love to be a great - or even adequate - artist but I wasn't gifted that in my genes, or however it is granted to one. I'm crap at snooker too. But I love to create images so I capture them with my camera. My interest began at school. Took a picture of Conway Castle from an interesting perspective and to my surprise came first in a school competition.

I had an Uncle Syd who encouraged me to take up photography as a hobby so I joined the local Photographic Society and used to develop and print my own pictures. Then puberty intervened so I lost interest in photography and found other ways to occupy my time.

Skip to the digital age. Got myself a compact camera and hit the streets. Found I had an eye for the quirky, the humorous, the unusual or even the beauty of the mundane so I became gripped by street photography. It made up in a way for not being able to paint.

I'm not the sort of chap who can stick a camera in the face of some interesting looking person. I'll work from a distance usually, but sometimes I brave up and ask permission. If I go out without my camera I feel naked but there's always the one on the phone to fall back on. I'm fairly quick on the draw but if I miss a crucial shot I'll sulk for a bit afterwards. Anyway, I don't know about you but I'm boring myself now so I'll end with a few favourite pics that I took on my travels.

One of my all time favourite shots. There's a big statue of a warrior in Santa Cruz, Tenerife. I knew if I made myself inconspicuous and waited long enough there'd be a funny shot and within minutes these two lovely ladies came along. I love the looks between them and the older lady's obvious joy. You can almost hear what they're thinking.


Dave Dutton Photography


Then there's this candid pic of - I like to think grandad and grandson - in a harbour in Sardinia. The old guy is sitting on a bucket doing a bit of fishing and probably telling the lad stories of the old days. I love the closeness between them.


Tell Me a Story Grandad - Dave Dutton Photographer


Two blokes. On a bench. In Cadiz. Reminded me of Waiting for Godot…


Waiting for Godot - Dave Dutton Photography


This was taken on Westminster Bridge. There's a story here. I'm not sure what it is but I think I can guess. The Oriental gentleman wanted a picture taken with the Scottish bagpiper but as soon as he stood next to him, the Piper angrily folded the bagpipes and took off in a huff leaving a puzzled tourist behind. I think the expressions say it all.


Cultureshock - Dave Dutton Photographer


This is an Icelandic fisherman with a face sculpted by the sea. He lived in Isafjord where they speak a language that the Vikings would still recognise. 


Sculpted by the sea - Dave Dutton


Not India but Ealing. This gentleman was taking part in a religious procession to a temple in which scores of participants rolled sideways along the main roads for a great distance while holding a coconut. The pain is obvious in his face.


Coconut man - Dave Dutton Photography


Couple in a bus shelter in Llandudno waiting for the rain to stop. Sums up the British weather, the British holiday and the British spirit all in one!


Waiting for a bus - Dave Dutton



One man and his dog in Nice. I was so busy taking the picture that I didn't get the chance to see what they were looking at. I'll never know.


man and his dog - Dave Dutton photographer




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